Purchase Information

Average Price


Includes Kitten starter pack, spay or neuter, microchip, deworming & core vaccines



$1400 - $1800



$1600 -  $2000



$1400 - $1800



$1600 -  $2000








Marbled Kittens will be priced based on their coloring.  Also which end within the price range the kitten will fall will be determined on the confirmation to the breed standard as well as if their pattern is open or closed.


Each kitten will be priced within the respective price range based on their individual conformation to the breed standard

We Accept:


PayPal, Cash, Bank Transfers, USPS Money Order.​


Our Process

The first 4-6 weeks kittens will be evaluated based on the breed standard.  Each kitten will be made available either to a pet or breeder/show home. If you would like to be considered for a breeding home, please note that you must be an established program that is registered with  TICA or CFA.



We do not keep a paid waiting list however, a deposit of $250 for a pet home or $500 for a breeding home is required to reserve your kitten. Once a deposit has been received the price is locked in. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another litter. The deposit will be put towards the total price of your new kitten.  Full payment must be made prior to delivery and transfer of ownership.

Mount Olympus Bengals reserves the right to cancel a reservation for any reason, and only then will a deposit be refunded.


Depending on the method of payment there may be service charges added and if so then all charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Kittens will be ready to leave for their new homes between 12-16 weeks old.  This is to ensure proper socialization, litter box habits, and recovery from their spay or neuter.  NO KITTEN will leave before they are 12 weeks of age.  This is a standard that ethical breeders adhere to.



Shipping is available the cost is usually around $350 and is the responsibility of the buyer.  


We do hold a US Fish and Wildlife import/export permit, so we are able to ship internationally, and again all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.