Feeding the Beast

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Cats, in general, are obligate carnivores meaning that they must eat meat in order to thrive.


Cats must eat animal meat and organs to meet their nutritional needs, and plant-based proteins (grains and vegetables) simply aren't a good substitute. Cats lack the specific enzymes necessary to use plant proteins as efficiently as animal proteins.


We are firm believers in feeding a balanced raw diet.  We have seen a tremendous difference in activity levels, health, muscle tone, and overall coat quality after switching to raw.  


When your kitten comes home they will have been fed a raw diet.  We are aware that raw feeding is not for everyone and will have also offered a high quality canned food to your kitten as well.  We do not feed dry food and we will never recommend dry food for any kitten that is bred here at Mount Olympus Bengals.


If you are interested in feeding raw and making it on your own please visit The Nutrition Code .  This is an amazing resource, that has tons of information on raw.  You can also request for recipes to be created for you.


If you are interested in raw feeding but do not want to make your own there are companies that sell pre-made raw for your feline such as Simply Rawsome

Simply Rawsome.jpg