Bengal Therapy Gaia of Mntolympus


Gaia is a wonderful silver bengal with a wonderful profile, nice ears, and wonderful tail. Pictures do not do this girl justice.  A huge thank you to Amy who entrusted her to my care. 

PRA-b: Negative

PK Def: Negative

HCM: Will be screened at NC State, in the spring.

FeLV/FIV: Negative

Coat Color: c/cb; A/A; D/D


Can produce Snow mink depending on mating, cannot produce charcoal or solid offspring, cannot produce dilute (blue).

Sakura Dark Night

Reign came to us from our dear friend at Sakura bengals, and I could not be more thrilled to have such an amazing addition to my program.  Reign is a silver sheeted marble that has the most amazing round eyes, a gorgeous set of whisker pads, and profile.  She is a spunky girl that has an obsession with socks.  

PRA-b: Negative

PK Def: Negative

HCM: Will be screened in the fall when she turns 1 year old  (Recommended to begin scanning at 1 year of age)


FeLV/FIV: Negative

Coat Color: C/C, A/a, D/D


Reign is full color and can only produce silver or brown depending on mate. She can produce melanistic or charcoal depending on mating and the genetics of that pairing.  

Stephanie Jarman

Hickory, NC

Phone: 828-468-7831

Email: mountolympusbengals@gmail.com

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