Frequently Asked Questions


Are Bengals Hypoallergenic?


Bengals are considered to hypoallergenic, but that does NOT mean an individual will have no reaction. Hypoallergenic just means that someone may have a lower reaction to no reaction.  From personal experience, I can tell you that some have the exact same reaction as they would to any other breed of cat. Before placing a deposit on a kitten, it is important to determine whether or not you will have a reaction to Bengals or not.


If someone does have allergies in your home, we will require you to come and visit with our adult cats to see what type of reaction you or your loved one will have.


For more information please read this article 


How are Bengals with young kids?


It varies depending on the specific cat and their temperament. It is also important to teach children how to handle their new kitten.  Early socialization is a key component in a well-rounded kitten and one who will be confident in their environments. All of our kittens are raised around children and will be handled on a daily basis.


How are Bengals with other pets?


We believe that Bengals do better in pairs and would love to see our pet kittens go home with a companion or a companion already in the home.  It is not necessary but it seems that once someone gets a Bengal they decide to get another one.

Our Bengals are not raised with dogs at the moment, but they are exposed to dog barking during our socialization process.


Jackson Galaxy’s Total Cat Mojo  is an amazing resource that I recommend to all those who are purchasing a bengal kitten.  



Why are your kittens so expensive?


Well, there are many factors that contribute to the price of our kittens.  Breeding is not cheap nor is it a means to get rich. As a breeder, you have to consider the cost of the breeding cats you purchase, their vet bills, high-quality diet, and their housing.  Health testing is necessary and Mount Olympus Bengals test for everything possible including HCM. We drive to Raleigh, NC which is around 3 hours away and each cat is screened for around $150.  This scan is done every year. Each cat is given an FeLV/FIV test each year to ensure no breeding cat is positive for FeLV/FIV. Parasite control is a constant process throughout the year.


For kittens going home, they will be microchipped, spay or neutered, dewormed, and have all age appropriate vaccines, and a kitten starter pack.

As you can see there is not a big profit to be made breeding Bengals and we are not breeding to become rich.  Our cats are an integral part of our family and we are doing this because we are passionate about the