About US


My name is Stephanie and I am a mother of 2 young children.  We live in the foothill area of North Carolina.  I have always loved cats and had many growing up.  I was introduced to the Bengal breed a few years ago and instantly fell in love.  I have spent almost 2 years researching and learning as much as I possibly can, so that I am doing everything possible to make sure I am producing happy and healthy kittens. 

Goals and Missions

Our main goal is to offer kittens that are happy and healthy.  We strive to produce outstanding quality Bengal kittens with the beautiful look of the wild leopard and meets the breed standard set forth by TICA and CFA.  We breed Brown, Silver, and Snow colored Bengals. 


Through testing, we can guarantee that your kitten has the best start in life, and with proper socialization, we can guarantee that your kitten will be pre-spoiled before they reach your home.



Breeding Qualifications

  1. We are a TICA registered Cattery

  2. We believe in lifelong learning, so we strive to keep up to date, on breeding practices.

  3. We hold a US Fish and Wildlife Import/Export permit

  4. We are passionate about the Bengal breed

  5. We work closely with our Veterinarian so that all breeding cats and kittens are healthy

  6. We have a great socialization program to ensure your new kitten is properly socialized

  7. Our sole focus in our breeding program is Bengals. We do not breed any other feline or canine breed.

  8. Our Cats are our family, they are loved and cherished.


Here at Mount Olympus Bengals, we value honesty, integrity, ethical breeding practices, and a lifetime of learning.  When you purchase a Bengal kitten from us, rest assured that you will have complete honesty and transparency from us. You can feel confident that we are staying up to date on the breed standard as well as ethical breeding practices.  We strive to be as available to our clients as possible and will answer any and all questions or concerns quickly.

Why we Breed

Growing up I had many cats, whom I cared for and loved deeply.  We were looking for a pet that would be great with the kids and had enough energy to keep up with them.  A friend told us about the Bengal breed and I was instantly in love. Getting a new pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly and I spent months researching the Bengal breed and searching for reputable breeders. Within the next year, we feel more in love with the quirky personality, energy, and the beauty of the Bengal breed.  I had toyed with the idea of breeding but did not want to jump to any decision. I requested a mentor and spoke with many breeders. After about another year my decision was made. I was going to breed these beautifully amazing cats for other families to love and enjoy.